Artem Levy The Farm at San Benito Lagoon Signature photos

The Farm at San Benito

As a skilled photographer capturing the essence and unique features of every structure, from the intricate details to the sweeping vistas. Here’s one of the biggest projects I’ve done, Thank you to the management of The Farm at San Benito for letting us showcase the property from the Lifestyle photoshoot, up to the creation of the 360 virtual tour.

Architectural Photography

the unique point of view of the resort’s unique blend of tropical luxury and sustainable design. From the elegant villas and suites to the airy pavilions and meditation areas, each structure is a testament to the resort’s commitment to eco-friendly and holistic living.

Interior Photography

Interior photos can be a powerful tool for highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of any property. You may exhibit the resort’s outstanding design, attention to detail, and commitment to wellness and sustainability by photographing its interior spaces. A professional photographer can showcase the resort’s wonderful decor by using composition, lighting, and perspective, from the rich textures of wooden flooring and furnishings to the relaxing color palettes and natural materials utilized throughout.

FPV Videos

FPV drone movies are an excellent method to highlight The Farm at San Benito, providing breathtaking aerial views of the resort’s natural beauty and eco-friendly design. You can take spectators on a virtual tour of the resort, highlighting its lush gardens, glistening pools, and sweeping panoramas of the Philippine countryside, using a high-performance drone and excellent piloting. With a smooth and steady flight, you can capture every detail of the resort’s breathtaking beauty and showcase its commitment to holistic living.