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Hotel and Resorts Photography Services

Hotel and Hospitality Photography

Photography in the hotel and hospitality sector is a niche discipline, focusing on highlighting the prime features of a hotel to attract prospective visitors. As a hotel photographer based in Philippines, my specialty lies in providing corporate photography services for hotels. With more than ten years of experience in this domain, I have honed my skills to handle intricate hotel photography assignments. My proficiency enables me to produce captivating imagery of hotels and their facilities, enhancing their charm and drawing in new clientele.

Novotel Suites Manila Superior Room photo by Artem Levy of Vipixel Productions
Penthouse suite dining and round staircase photo by Artem Levy of Vipixel Productions
Artem Levy The farm at San Benito Bamboo Villa

Corporate Hotel Photography

Hotel photography is a unique field that focuses on capturing attractive and consistent images of a hotel’s key areas, all while respecting the hotel’s brand guidelines.

As a Hotel Photographer, my job is to work hand-in-hand with the hotel’s main office. I oversee the entire process, from the photoshoot itself to the editing and refining of the images, always keeping the hotel’s brand guidelines in mind.

By sticking to these guidelines and working directly with the hotel’s main office, we ensure that all images have a consistent style. This consistency helps guests trust the hotel brand because they know what to expect from their stay. We achieve this by creating a clear collection of images that not only adhere to the brand’s standards but also highlight the hotel’s unique features and services.

Bedroom from Holiday Inn Manila photo by Artem Levy from Vipixel Productions

The images you display of your hotel or resort are usually the first thing potential guests will see. These images play a crucial role in their decision to book. it’s important to have captivating and beautiful photos of all areas within your hotel or resort to make a great first impression.

Interior Photography Mahogany Luxury Villa at the farm at san benito by Artem Levy
Artem Levy The farm at San Benito Narra Villa
Bamboo Villa of the farm at san benito by Artem Levy

These images are meant to highlight your hotel or resort’s facilities and services. They should be thoughtfully designed to display the unique characteristics and advantages of your property. As a proficient photographer with a focus on hotel and resort photography, I can assist in creating images that attract and engage potential guests, ultimately resulting in more reservations and income for your business.

Novotel Suites Manila Premier suite Living Area By Artem Levy at Vipixel Productions

Hotel Brand Guidelines and Standards

To keep a consistent brand image, all major hotel chains have a comprehensive document that outlines their brand guidelines. These rules are crucial to ensure a uniform appearance across all hotels under the same brand.

As a hotel photographer, it’s vital to follow these brand guidelines. The main office needs to trust that the images produced will match their visual identity. My job as a hotel photographer is to strictly adhere to these brand guidelines, ensuring that the final images get the main office’s approval.

By doing this, I can assist hotels in reinforcing their brand image and creating a more unified and visually pleasing collection of images to display their facilities and services to potential guests.

If your hotel doesn’t have a specific brand guideline, I will collaborate with you to create a consistent appearance for all images during the shoot in a pre-production meeting.

Novotel Suites Manila Superior suite living Area By Artem Levy at Vipixel Productions
Artem Levy The farm at San Benito Garden Glass
Mosaic Restaurant of Crimson Boracay Interior Photo by Artem Levy of Vipixel Productions

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Hotel and Resorts Lifestyle Photography

Besides taking architectural and interior photos for hotels, I also specialize in hotel lifestyle photography. This involves including people in the hotel photos to create a certain mood and atmosphere, helping potential guests imagine themselves in the space.

I use various lighting techniques to highlight both the people in the scene and the overall environment. By carefully managing the lighting, I can produce striking images that display the hotel’s unique atmosphere and services, giving potential guests a preview of the hotel experience.

Whether it’s through architectural and interior photos or hotel lifestyle photography, my aim is to produce top-quality images that capture the hotel’s essence and encourage guests to make a reservation.

Lifestyle photo on swimming pool of Novotel Suites Manila by Artem Levy at Vipixel Productions
Artem Levy The farm at San Benito Garden Glass
Woman entering the Crowne Plaza Manila and being assisted by an attendant photo by Artem Levy at Vipixel Productions

Hotel Photography and Consultation Services

As a professional hotel photographer, I not only take high-quality images of your property but also offer consultation services to my clients. My role is to guide you on how to best present each area of your hotel. It’s vital that the photographs truthfully depict the hotel, as any discrepancy can lead to negative reviews if the room or view doesn’t match the pictures.

With my expertise in hospitality photography, I use a variety of lenses to produce realistic images of each area, capturing the space from the most flattering angle with meticulous attention to composition and styling. Generally, a single image is taken of each hotel area, making it imperative that this image is the finest representation of the space.

As your consultant, I assist you in creating a unified and visually striking portfolio of images that truthfully represent your hotel and its amenities. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to increased bookings and guest satisfaction

Lobby of TAG Resort Coron Palawan photo
Holiday Inn Galleria Manila Renovated Lobby photo by Artem Levy from Vipixel Productions

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