Artem Levy

Artem Levy

International Photographer

I didn’t set out to be a photographer nor enlisted my future to be one. But fate twisted my lyrical life into something where life brought me: PHOTOGRAPHY

I am a Russian strobist specializing in the complexities and infinite emotions of high fashion and wedding photography.I developed my unique blend of style from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. I embodied photography in innovating a creative way to express beyond one’s eye without compromising the raw spirit of the image itself.

Detail-oriented, I can work comfortably and relaxed in both the studio and shooting on location, possessing the uncanny ability to be creative even under pressure. I have lived in the context of passionately doing photography beyond the normal scale and my outputs exactly mirrored what I really want- FLAIR AND CLASSY!

Photography is my life and I embraced its holistic essence. Above all, I am Artem Levykin, a freelance people-smart photographer and a friend.

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